Single Ply – Thermo Plastics

Thermoplastic Single-Ply systems (TPO and PVC) are among the fastest growing roofing systems today. Similar to EPDM, Thermoplastic systems can be used in many different applications. TPO and PVC roofing systems combine the durability of EPDM membranes with the performance of a heat welded roofing system (meaning the seams are ‘melted’ or welded together).

Most TPO or PVC systems are installed as white taking advantage of the inherent reflective properties however; most manufacturers can customize the color of membrane including popular options such as gray, tan or black.

Jottan-Jorel Inc. uses trusted brands such as Carlisle, Firestone, JM, Versico, Dow and GAF when considering Thermoplastics for your roofing needs.

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