Roofing Systems

Single Ply – EPDM

Single Ply – EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), sometimes referred to as ‘rubber’, is a thermoset membrane material. Its flexibility and ability to be installed in most climates makes EPDM one of the most popular choices in today’s low slope commercial roofing market.

EPDM membranes can be installed either with adhesives (fully adhered), mechanically attached with plates and screws or loose laid with ballast. EPDM membranes can be repaired easily and although most commonly is installed as black, can also be available in white.

Jottan-Jorel Inc. uses trusted brands such as Firestone, Carlisle, Versico, and JM when considering EDPM for your roofing needs.

Single Ply – Thermo Plastics

Thermoplastic Single-Ply systems (TPO and PVC) are among the fastest growing roofing systems today. Similar to EPDM, Thermoplastic systems can be used in many different applications. TPO and PVC roofing systems combine the durability of EPDM membranes with the performance of a heat welded roofing system (meaning the seams are ‘melted’ or welded together).

Most TPO or PVC systems are installed as white taking advantage of the inherent reflective properties however; most manufacturers can customize the color of membrane including popular options such as gray, tan or black.

Jottan-Jorel Inc. uses trusted brands such as Carlisle, Firestone, JM, Versico, Dow and GAF when considering Thermoplastics for your roofing needs.


An alternative to traditional roofing is using a metal roofing system. Although the initial investment is higher compared to a traditional roofing system, metal systems have been shown to last 2-3 times as long compared to those traditional systems which typically last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Another benefit to metal roofing systems is the flexibility on colors and designs. Metal roofing systems can come in the form of Standing Seam or can be made to look like Asphalt Shingles, Tiles or Cedar Shakes.

Although Metal Roofing Systems can come in the form of Copper and Stainless Steel, the most popular choices are Aluminum and Steel.

Jottan-Jorel Inc. use trusted brands such as Unaclad, Berridge, Atas, AEP Span and McElroy Metal when considering Metal materials for your roofing needs.


metal Roof




Roof Coatings are becoming more and more popular in prolonging the life of both traditional and metal roofing systems. Roof Coatings can be applied by either the rolling or spraying methods and essentially add a ‘top coat’ to the existing roofing system. Similar to retrofitting a roof, Roof Coatings is a popular alternative because it is more cost effective than a retrofit. Additionally, compared to a retrofit which essentially adds another layer of roofing material, Roof Coatings create a chemical bond to the current roofing substrate essentially ‘bulking up’ the existing system.

Most Coating manufacturers offer 5 or 10 year system warranties on Coatings Installations. Jottan-Jorel uses trusted brands such as E.R. Systems and GAF when considering Coatings as a possibility in your roofing project.

Built-Up (BUR)

Built-Up Roofing Systems or B.U.R. systems have been used in the United States for over 100 years. It is designed for low sloping or flat roofs. They are usually made of alternation layers of reinforcing fabrics called roofing felts or ply sheets that create a finished “crust” and are sometimes referred to as tar and gravel roofs. They are built up by alternating layers of asphalt or coal tar saturated felts or fiberglass mat roofing sheets. They can have differing amounts of layers called plies and are considered fully applied when positioned directly on the roof’s deck or insulation.

The asphalt or coal tar is heated in a kettle or tanker and then applied by mop or spreader. Surfacings for BUR systems include aggregates like gravel, slag, or mineral granules, glass fiber, or mineral surface cap sheets, hot asphalt mopped over the entire surface, or aluminum coatings.

Built-Up Roofing Systems can be very durable and have a long life span if they are carefully installed, with multiple layers, and with quality bitumen, felts, and flashings. It can be used in both new and existing construction projects and building. They have very little flexibility and should only be used on roof decks that have minimal movement. BUR systems do need occasional maintenance to extend their service life.

Jottan-Jorel uses trusted brands such as Johns Manville, GAF, and Tremco when considering Built-Up Roofing Systems as a possibility in your roofing project.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen, commonly referred to as Mod-Bit, is another asphalt based system is similar to B.U.R. Systems. Mod-Bit has been successfully used in North America since the 1970s and is made to have less brittleness in cold temperature, greater flow resistance in warmer temperatures, more elasticity than comparable B.U.R. systems, greater strength, quality assurance of membrane production consistency and control, and reduced labor for installation. There are different surfacing options including reflective coatings to cut cooling costs, color options to compliment building designs, existing shingles, or the standard white granules.

Mod-Bit Systems can be applied in four ways: Torch Applied, Hot-Mopped, Cold Applied, or with Self-Adhesives (Peel and Stick).

Jottan-Jorel uses trusted brands such as Viridian, Firestone, Johns Manville, Garland and GAF when considering Built-Up Roofing Systems as a possibility in your roofing project.

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