Time to Inspect your Commercial Roof?

Inspect Blog miniAs the winter begins to release its hold on the North East, the condition of your facility’s roof becomes a real concern and a roof inspection is a necessary endeavor. Warranties will often and best practices will always dictate that a thorough inspection of the roof and supporting structures should be conducted twice a year, normally in the spring and fall. A detailed inspection can determine problems and more importantly impending possible failures prior to causing major headaches. Maintenance budgets and potential repair cost can all benefit from proper inspection routines but there are other issues to be considered when pondering a commercial roof inspection.


Roofs and their related structures are complicated coadjutant systems that need the attention of a commercial roofing expert. Be careful when sending your employees into areas that are dangerous and out of their normal job descriptions, this can become a serious and sometimes fatal mistake. If your employees are to make inspections or repairs, its best to make sure that they are covered by the appropriate insurance and more importantly that these employees are well aware of the risks associated with roof work. Considering the variables and known risks of roof work, the more prudent course of action might well be, to turn to a professional.


Quality commercial roof experts can inspect and analyze your roof and supporting structures with modern equipment. A commercial roof expert will be able to identify possible weaknesses and existing failures and help you make an informed decision regarding this crucial investment. Having a proper inspection will ensure that your maintenance and engineering managers have as much information as possible about the state of the roof in question and to make a smart repair-or-replace decision.


A commercial roofing expert’s inspection will typically include examining the following:

  • Drains, gutters, downspouts and collector boxes for proper water flow
  • Field Membrane (Non-Metal Roof) for punctures, voids and fasteners possibly backing out of roof
  • Roof Panels (Metal Roof) for loose fasteners, rusting/pitting of metal and missing ridge cap/closures
  • Roof Top Units (Air Condition Units, Fans, Condensers, Refrigeration, Roof Hatches, etc…) making sure all doors are closed and properly sealed, no damage present, no lifting or rusting
  • All Curb and Wall Flashings are properly flashed and sealed
  • Pipe Penetrations are properly flashed with membrane or pipe boot and are clamped and caulked
  • Pitch Pans are filled and not shrinking
  • Wood blocking has slip protection sheet underneath
  • Metal Edges and Coping are properly connected to cleat and joints are sealed
  • All caulked joints for deterioration


Jottan-Jorel offers a variety of commercial roofing solutions for your new or existing roofing needs. Jottan-Jorel specializes in preventive maintenance, emergency repair and service along with new and reroofing services

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