Metal Roofs- An Attractive Choice to the Eye & Environment

metal RoofThe benefits of installing a metal roof on your existing structure or new project can not only far out way the pure aesthetic value but can avail a building owner with cost savings throughout the life of the structure. It’s not always that the Federal Government is ahead of any trend; but they have realized that the use of a metal roof system, when applicable to a specific application, can reduce the overall cost of maintaining that structure. 70% of all federal government building projects now specify the use of a metal roof system. Compare that number to about 20% of all commercial structures that have installed a metal roof system and this number is climbing. The federal government has clearly seen past the eye candy and thankfully is trying to reduce costs associated with maintaining government structures.


Benefits of a Metal Roofing System

  • Lightweight
  • Strength & Performance
  • Speed and Facile of Installation
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
  • 100% Recyclable When at the End of Service Life



A typical metal roof will have conservatively half the weight of a BUR (built-up-roofing system) and exceeds a BUR system in strength, on a pound to pound basis. In new construction the initial cost of the metal can be paid back with the reduction of cost associated with fewer support materials needed. In a re-roofing situation, a metal roof may avoid costly tear off scenarios when a roof has closed in on the buildings code maximum.


Strength & Performance

Today’s metal roofs meet and exceed the standards for wind uplift, water penetration, air infiltration and wind driven rain. When a metal roof is properly installed their performances in theses areas can be counted on to provide exceptional performance.


Speed and Facile of Installation

Owing originally to their ability to incorporate complex designs, metal roofs have had a reputation of being similarly complex in their installations. Certainly a complex design will need to be installed by a company with craftsmen equally skilled but a typical metal roof is no more time consuming that many other materials. Combine this with in some re-roofing situations, a costly tear off can be avoided, and then the time and labor can be significantly less than other systems.


Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Metal roofs tend to shed dirt, so routine gutter maintenance with an occasional power washing are the only typical maintenance required.


100% Recyclable

100 percent of the metal panels are recyclable when the systems reach the end of their service life. The new International Green Construction Code that came into effect in 2012 mandates that at least 55% of a buildings materials must be salvaged, recycled-content, recyclable, bio-based or indigenous. Typically metal roof already are manufactured with a minimum of 25% recycled content.



The visual benefits of a well designed and installed metal roof are obvious to anyone who gazes in their direction. You might not be initially aware as to why a particular structure is so appealing but a complimentary colored metal roof is essentially part of the experience.


The Aesthetic Perspective

  • The Ability to showcase tight curves and more complex angles
  • Extensive versatility in color and texture


Businesses that go green are becoming recognized in their communities for such efforts. In today’s social media blitz, the possible positive community response whether through social media or otherwise can be a tremendous PR advantage.


There are many choices and technologies that play an important role in your roofing systems. It is critical that the installer match the right product and technology with your facility. Jottan-Jorel offers a variety of commercial roofing solutions, including steel roofs, for your new or existing structures. Jottan-Jorel specializes in preventive maintenance, emergency repair and service along with new and reroofing services.

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