PV Membranes an Adaptable Choice for the Future


PV BlogFlat commercial roofs are not only valuable in thwarting almost all that nature can rein down and keeping everything below nice and dry but offer a huge resource, one that is capable of harnessing abundant, clean and constant energy. Going green and reducing ones carbon footprint is a well established lifestyle across the nation. Business and commercial buildings are becoming more Earth-friendly every day and with the sizeable monetary perks available, it’s no wonder. Sometimes the noble venture to install a green roof, full of vegetation or mounting conventional solar panels to collect the sun’s energy is just not feasible. This is where the use of a PV (photovoltaic) membrane can bridge the gap between a standard flat roof and one that is truly green.



The sun radiates uniformly in all directions, mainly visible light and infrared radiation, and we can calculate the total amount of energy by measuring the quantity of solar energy per second that reaches Earth and then multiplying that by the total surface area. We get the astonishingly huge amount of 400 trillion trillion watts. PV membranes are only about 12% efficient in capturing this energy but are the most versatile of any type of solar collector and can be installed on almost any flat roof that has an existing membrane. PV membranes are also the lightest weight solar or green solution on the market, which makes them the only choice, if weight is a critical factor.  Your roofing system is a valuable asset that was designed for one function; waterproof the top of the building. More than likely, your roof structure was not initially designed to accommodate heavy solar panels but can easily withstand the addition of a lighter PV membrane. As always, if you plan on altering the design or add additional weight to any structure, a consultation with a qualified engineer should precede any changes to your roof.


PV Membranes Solar Advantages

  • PV Membranes do not penetrate the roofing membrane
  • PV Membranes are the lightest solution as low as 1lb per square foot
  • PV Membranes are flat and sealed, reducing any possible wind uplift
  • PV Membranes can be applied to TPO, BUR, modified bitumen and EPDM roofs
  • PV Membranes are flexible and can withstand light foot traffic


Important consideration before installing a PV Membrane

  • Will the life of your new PV system outlast your roof?
  • If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, who is coordinating this?
  • Has your current roofing system been evaluated for roof traffic and the additional weight, heat and demands of a PV system?
  • Have you considered the value of consulting a commercial roof professional in the assessment of which types of green systems best fit your structure?
  • Have you looked into all of the federal, state and local rebates available?

solar power roof

Businesses that go green are becoming recognized in their communities for such efforts. In today’s social media blitz, the possible positive community response whether through social media or otherwise can be a tremendous PR advantage.


There are many PV technologies in the market. It is critical that the installer match the right PV technology with the right roof system. Jottan-Jorel offers a variety of commercial roofing solutions, including PV Membranes, for your new or existing structures. Jottan-Jorel specializes in preventive maintenance, emergency repair and service along with new and reroofing services.

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