Green Roofs, a Choice That Will Grow Into the Future


“What’s the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” – Henry David Thoreau


Live roofsLive or Green roofs are becoming the “Go Green” choice among eco-conscious business owners throughout the country. Whether you plan to cultivate the plants located on the roof or just want to provide a well established green alternative to the conventional roof, live roofs rock!  Unlike a lot of the so called “Green Alternatives” live roofs not only provide an eco-friendly choice but serve an equally virtuous purpose, they save money. Live roofs improve livability, physical and mental health and increase a sense of civic pride.


If the time has come to design your structure’s new roof or you are going to invest in an existing structure, going “green” with a live roof, might not only be a righteous but a lucrative choice as well. Live roofs are aesthetic and carry with them environmental and financial benefits.


  • Improve livability
  • Improve physical and mental health from exposure to nature
  • Increase a sense of pride with civic participation
  • Green roofs are aesthetic improvements over tar, asphalt or gravel
  • Green roofs increase the usefulness and space of an existing structure



If saving the planet is not the foremost issue on your mind, then consider green roofs deliver a mired of financial advantages. A green roof can extend the life of the roof, with estimates between 100 – 200%, compared to a typical commercial flat roof. They achieve this, by eliminating one of the typical flat roofs worst enemies, ultra violet radiation. Large temperature variations, harsh winds and punctures to the membranes are reduced with a typical green layer as well. A green roof will typically not only last longer but require less maintenance on its membrane, all of these things bring significant savings during the life of the roof. A typical acre-size green roof, when properly cared for, can be maintained in as little 10 man hours per year.


Utility bills, whether winter heating or summer cooling, are reduced when a green roof is installed. Energy savings can be as high as 25% in a single story building during the summer. Plants transform heat and the soil moisture into humidity, to create a natural evaporative cooling. For every gallon of water that is evaporated in this way, 8,000 BTUs of thermal energy is liberated from the surface of the roof.


Some additional benefits of a “Green Roof”

  • Reduce noise – plants and soil trap moisture and air, this becomes a great acoustic barrier
  • Incentives $ – Grant money is often available for green roofs. Be sure to check with your city or municipality about financial incentives available.
  • Reduce urban heat – Cities tend to be 7-10 degrees warmer due to the reflection of heat from cement and asphalt. A green roof not only expels less heat but adds O2, while reducing green house gasses, thus creating less smog in urban areas
  • Tenant perk – gardens among the masses.

Live roof

If you are looking to add a green roof to an existing structure, then you must be cognizant of the building’s capacity to bear the potential load. A qualified engineer must be consulted to analyze your current structure.


Jottan-Jorel offers a variety of commercial roofing solutions, including green or live roofs, for your new or existing structures. Jottan-Jorel specializes in preventive maintenance, emergency repair and service along with new and re-roofing services.

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