Flat Commercial Roofs, the Ultimate in Solar Panel Mounting

Flat Commercial Roofs, the Ultimate Base in Solar Panel Mounting


Solar MountingHarnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into a practicable and convenient form has been around for millennium. It would take 7 thousands years for that simple lens, used to start fires to give way to a patent in 1888 that ushered in the age of the photo cell. Solar power and living off the grid has become more than just a billion dollar industry, but a culture. Large commercial buildings are seeing the advantages of solar energy and the positive civic impact from solar panel installation. Commercial buildings will almost never reach “off the grid” status but can receive a tremendous positive PR impact from the community and the added benefit of savings via their utility expenses.


To effectively gather the sun’s potential energy, a solar array must first be pointed and angled in the most proficient way. Depending upon your location or more importantly how far north your location is, will dictate the best possible exposure direction and angle. Roofs with steep angles or pitches can lead to large areas of the roof that are unproductive for year round solar production. Peak areas of pitched roofs maybe unavailable for solar power panels due to Pipe Penetrations, Roof Top Units (Air Condition Units, Fans, Condensers, Refrigeration, Roof Hatches, etc…) making a solar panel installation unattainable.


Flat roofs, although they will also have to entertain various roof top units of there own, can offer the best advantageous platform for a commercial solar array. Solar panels that can alter their angle and follow the sun as it traverses through out the day will harness the most energy and pass this directly to building’s DC inverters.


How this works

  • Solar panels are installed on your roof. These panels are made from photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells convert sunlight into DC power.
  • The DC power from the solar panels is sent to a solar inverter, where this is converted into AC power. This standard electric power is then used to power your commercial building.
  • AC power from the inverter is sent directly to your electrical cabinet and is available for use throughout the entire building
  • A utility meter will continually monitor and measure your solar output and during peak times of the day this might translate into more power than is needed. If additional power is generated, this could be sold back to your energy supplier. Your power meter just might spin backward!
  • Your business will always remain connected to the grid. Solar production can vary greatly from day to day and at night, when no power is being produced, the building will draw its energy from conventional means.

solar power roof

Fully leverage all federal and local government incentives if you decide to invest in a solar energy system. The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit to businesses that install a solar power system that are 5kw or greater. The federal tax credit can be taken all at once or over several years, regardless of how much your system costs. Additional state and local rebates, along with tax credits, are available as well. These local and state credits do vary depending on your location, so due diligence and research is recommended.


By depreciating the cost of your solar array with a Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery, your business can recoup almost 25% of your investment within six years. When you add the available state and local credits and then factor in depreciation, almost 60% of your initial costs can be recouped in just a few short years.


Businesses that go green are becoming recognized in their communities for such efforts. In today’s social media blitz, the possible positive community response whether through social media or otherwise can be a tremendous PR advantage.


Jottan-Jorel offers a variety of commercial roofing solutions, including green or live roofs, for your new or existing structures. Jottan-Jorel specializes in preventive maintenance, emergency repair and service along with new and reroofing services.

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