About Jottan-Jorel

Mission Statement

Jottan-Jorel is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services by employing the best individuals in the industry, providing them a safe and motivational work environment, and encouraging continual improvement through education and training.  We believe success is measured by established relationships and failure by the relationships that have dissolved.  Success will be achieved by treating our employees, customers and industry partners fairly and honestly.


Our History

Jottan Inc. was established in 1974 in Evans City, PA by four Chrostowski brothers: Joel, Toby, Todd, and Jan.  In the early years, Jottan focused on the Modified and Built-up Roofing needs of Western Pennsylvania.  Eventually, the business grew and other offices were opened in New Jersey and Maryland. Eventually the brothers split up and Joel was left to run Jottan Inc. in Evans City, PA. In the early 1990s, Joel and a partner started Jorel Corp.to focus on the increasingly popular single-ply roofing systems primarily on box-stores on a national level. Eventually, Joel assumed full control of the company and operated Jorel Corp. independently along with Jottan Inc. In March 2007, the two companies merged to become a single entity known as Jottan-Jorel Inc.  Today, Jottan-Jorel Inc. is run by a triumvirate consisting of Joel’s sons Chad and Jeff, and Joel’s long time associate John Bulger.

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